I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE!! Mr Hugo’s Wine Tours Mendoza

Go and meet the legend himself and enjoy a day of exploring the finest wineries in Argentina.

Location: Mendoza, Mode of Transport: Bicycle, Objective: Hit as many wineries as possible.

The man with the plan is Mr Hugo and your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to peddle your hire bicycle for as long as your legs will take you around the charming wineries of the Medoza region. You may have carefully selected an oaky Malbec from the supermarket shelf but here’s the opportunity to take the journey through its makings and get in touch with your inner wine connoisseur.

Mr Hugo will provide you with a bike, a map and some sound advice and set you on your voyage of discovery into “the land of good sunshine and good wine”. The region’s agreeable climate makes it perfect for grape growing which you’ll witness in the rows and rows of perfectly pruned vines and even more so in the full-bodied reds served by the wineries. Enjoy stunning views of snow-capped mountains and glistening lakes as Argentina shows off her natural beauty and charisma of which she has in abundance.

As well as countless wineries offering generous tasters of Argentina’s finest, you’ll also encounter on your adventure an absinthe factory (in which I would make the briefest of stops if you want to make it back alive), a dulce de leche shop (no time limits here- be sure to try the coconut, coffee and dark chocolate flavours) and a bizarre but endearing specialist ham restaurant which with meaty legs of ham hanging from the ceiling you won’t forget what’s on the menu.

There’s no greater sense of freedom than riding your bike down the tree-lined avenues of Argentina and stopping wherever you please in order to taste and get an education on a variety of heavenly grapey liquids. Once you’ve finished your adventure, Mr Hugo will await you with open arms and unlimited red wine where his casa is your casa. You’ll finish the day, tipsy (at the very least), weary and with the trademark purple smile, the authentic stamp of a mission completed.

For more information visit: http://mrhugobikes.com/recorrido.html

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