3D projection mapping in the city centre of Amsterdam for H&M-Engine PR Reveal…


Engine PR talk about new 3D projection mapping. These are stare- worthy experiences, captivating people with visual spectacles of magnificence! Below Engine PR talk about their views…

Last week H&M launched a new flagship store in Amsterdam, and to mark the special occasion, along with an aim to build some serious hype, they opened the store over three nights of projection mapping events, created by Muse Amsterdam.

The concept for the projection mapping installation was based around a huge red ribbon that wrapped around the building, as it untangled, it revealed virtual doll house where nothing was quite what it seemed. It lasts just over three minutes before fading away to reveal the flagship store.

Three nights of it for the launch of H&Ms flagship store in Amsterdam

* A pretty cool interactive installation for the launch of Xbox Kinect in Germany

* Canada’s largest ever 3D projection mapping event to date (with sound broadcast via mobile phone after dialling in, to avoid noise pollution) for toothpaste brand Sensodyne

*A more intimate affair for the Toyota Auris Hybrid launch in London, with 3D projection onto the car itself

* A ‘4D’ event (smell included) held on both sides of the Atlantic by Ralph Lauren

* A run-of-the-mill 3D outdoor projection for Disney to build buzz for the release of Tron: Legacy in Tokyo

Given the speed with which it’s catching on, it seems to be considered the hot new thing right now. Projection mapping definitely has the ‘wow’ factor and is pretty darn impressive on a dark winter night, but let’s take a step back for a moment. Yes, it’s brilliant technology and can lend an aura of digital innovation around the brand. And it’s a particularly useful dramatisation for hi-tech brands to hammer home their advanced technological wizardry. But when the novelty wears off, we’re left with just another ‘push’ message from brand to consumer.

That’s why the Xbox Kinect installation gets my vote from this list – taking projection mapping a step further it gives people the chance to be part of the installation, rather than just being spectators. With engagement at its core, the whole event is built upon something much stronger than the smoke and mirrors effect that many other brands are doing.

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